Applying for a job at A. Film

As of November 24th, 2015

Though there are currently no open positions at A. Film Production A/S, we are always open for well-qualified artists that may enhance our capabilities.

If you do wish to be considered for a position, you must be able to present samples of your work, in the format of a portfolio and/or DVD/web-page. These must be accompanied by:

A letter of application, stating which kind of job is being applied for and why,
A brief description of the recent artistic experience of the applicant, as well as
A brief CV stating personal data like nationality, current employment status, address and telephone number.

The portfolio must be reasonably sized, for graphic artists, not more than 20 recent drawings and maybe some animation.

DVDs can be either PAL or NTSC system, and must be of a duration of not more that 4 minutes.

The only certain way to apply is by sending it by regular mail. If you do wish to send an application by email, please do NOT send large files. Instead, send your CV as PDF, and link(s) to your work, to
Please note, however, that emails larger than a few hundred KB will not be taken into consideration!

If you send your application by email, be advised that there is no guarantee that it will be acted upon. Reception will only be acknowledged by auto-response. We will contact you in case we wish to discuss further possibilities. However, taking into account the fleeting nature of the email medium, your mail may not be read at all. Please do NOT call us about it!

If you do send your application by regular "snail" mail, we can guarantee that one or more A. Film employees will study your application. If, at some future date, there is a job opening, and you meet our requirements, you will receive an invitation to come to our studio to discuss possible employment.

Any material you send WILL NOT BE RETURNED.
It becomes property of A. Film Production A/S.

A. Film Production A/S reserves the right to archive the letter of application, the description of experience and the CV. See also below Terms of Use & Disclaimer.

Please do NOT send original story ideas, treatments or scripts. For this, contact A. Film Production A/S by email first, as this will involve the A. Film Production A/S Legal dept. Send these to karsten(at)

All applications should be clearly marked
'Job Application', and sent to:

A. Film Production A/S
Att: Employment dept.
Dannebrogsgade 1, 1tv
1660 Copenhagen V

Remember: Show only your best work!

A. Film is dedicated to storytelling and acting, so be aware that we have little interest in "flying logos."
We advise all applicants to read (and understand) the book "Illusion of Life" by Disney legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.